14th International Ecological Film Festival ÖKOMEDIA 1997 Freiburg (Germany)

2nd International Environmental Film Festival BODRUM 1998 Bodrum (Turkey)

25th International Environmental Film and Video Festival EKOFILM 1999 (Czech Republic)

2nd Int. Scientific Film Festival AMASCULTURA 1999 Olival Basto (Portugal)

21st UNICAJA Film Competition 2000, International Biennal of Scientific Film Ronda (Spain)

SCINEMA, 1st International Festival of Science Film, Television and Multimedia 2001 Canberra (Australia)



Puschkin - Special award: BIOVISION 1998 Düsseldorf (Germany)

Silver medallion: NATURALE 1998 Bad Dürkheim (Germany)

Award of Váhostav Zilina: Int. Festival of Professional Films, TV- and Videoprogrammes EKOTOPFILM 1998 Zilina (Slovakia)

Award for The Best Film of Foreign Countries: 14th International Festival for Scientific Films 1998 Palaiseau (France)

Award for The Best Documentary: 17th International Environmental Festival 1998 RIENA (France)

Special Award of the Jury: 13th International SCOOP and NEWS Festival 1998 Angers (France)

GRAND PRIX: 15th International Television Science Programme Festival IMAGE & SCIENCE 1998 Paris (France)

Award for The Best Scientific and Popular Scientific Film under 60 Minutes: 37th International Festival of Films on Science, Technology and Art TECHFILM 1999 (Czech Republic)

Special Award of the Jury: 3rd International Festival of Insect Films FIFI 1999 Narbonne (France)

Best scientific content, 2nd place; Finalist; Merit Award for Educational Value: 22nd Annual International Film Festival IWFF 1999 (Missoula)

World Medal Silver: THE NEW YORK FESTIVALS 1999 (USA)

First MIF Science Net Trophy 1999 (

Bronze Plaque: Columbus International Film & Video Festival 2000 (USA)

FIRST PRIZE in the Category of Films on Science: The Millennium Scientific Film Festival 2001 (Hungary)