Since 1995, ORCA is operating as an independent production company in the field of science documentaries, environmental education and natural history films.


ORCA team members are working closely together with experts and scientists to deliver programmes containing new discoveries of the world of natural history. It is our company's profession to combine visual aesthetics with exciting stories out of life and nature. 
As factual programme makers, we feel a strong responsibility towards our audience. Our aim is to entertain with moving stories and astonishing facts.
ORCA has been producing for several German broadcasters. Our films have travelled around in Europe and South America. ORCA has also contributed camera work and stock footage to many national programmes (i.e. ZDF; WDR, ARTE) and international production companies working for FRANCE 3, ORF Universum, Discovery Channel and others. ORCA productions have been awarded over a dozen times on international film festivals.